Susanne Lewis
selected discography
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Hail / Gypsy Cat & Gypsy Bird
Prolific Records
Hail/Turn of the Screw
ReR (H2CD)
Hail/Hello Debris
ReR (H3CD)
Susanne Lewis (Self-Titled)
Sedimental (SEDCD27)
Kissyfur (Self-Titled)
Funky Mushroom (FM-024)
Kissyfur / Frambuesa
Starlight Furniture (ST3)
Venus Handcuffs (Self-Titled)
Re-issued on Ad Hoc Records (AD 06)
Hail/Snail / How to Live With a Tiger
Re-issue on Sedimental
(Originally released on Funky Mushroom)
Discography List
(Compilations not included)

Spray Pals - Project A 7” single / self released
Corpses as Bedmates - Babaa & Scheibel=69 cassette / Cow-Op
Corpses as Bedmates - Halo cassette / Cow-Op
Corpses as Bedmates – Venus Handcuffs vinyl LP / Dead Man’s Curve
Cage of Reason - Shoving the Fork in the Ground cassette
Venus Handcuffs CD reissue / Ad Hoc Records
Thinking Plague – Moonsongs vinyl LP / Dead Man’s Curve
Thinking Plague – In This Life CD / ReR
Thinking Plague - Early Plague CD /Cuneiform
(I did not know about or approve the hideous massacre of my art for that CD cover and contents!)
Hail – Gypsy Cat & Gypsy Bird vinyl LP / Prolific
Hail – Turn of the Screw CD / ReR
Hail – Kirk CD / ReR
Hail – Hello Debris CD / ReR
Hail/Snail 7” single / Funky Mushroom
Hail/Snail – How to Live with a Tiger CD / Funky Mushroom
Kissyfur CD / Funky Mushroom
Kissyfur – Frambuesa CD / Furniture
Susanne Lewis CD / Sedimental
Guested on:
Biota – Object Holder CD / ReR
5uu’s – Hunger’s Teeth CD / ReR